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– Role: Ned Lowenscroft – Center Stage Theatre (Off-Broadway) and Nicu’s Spoon Theater, NYC Premier. Nominated for outstanding actor in a leading role by New York Innovative Theater Awards (NYIT).

The New York Times / Neil Genzlinger (Critic’s Pick) :
“There’s a ripping good performance taking place in a barn right on West 21
st Street in particular actor, Ned Lowenscroft (Michael DiGioia), who is gay and famous for his female roles. The 13 skilled actors in this production...transport you back to Shakespeare’s day effortlessly.”

Variety / Sam Thielman :
“.. DiGioia's self-absorbed actor [Ned Lowenscroft] is at first sad, then
offensive, and finally, blessedly gracious as he and the Queen argue and come to a more thorough understanding of themselves. When DiGioia hears the voice of his long-dead lover the play transcends its time for a few minutes and steps into what Shakespeare himself called "the undiscovered country."”

The New York Post / Frank Scheck :
“...and Ned Lowenscroft (a compelling Michael DiGioia).”

The New Yorker Magazine / Now Playing :
“...the fearless female-role actor Ned Lowenscroft, is superbly played by Michael DiGioia.”

Broadway Bullet / John R. Delamar, Jr.:
“...the show’s real stellar powerhouse, Michael DiGioia (Ned Lowenscroft), walks a fine line between two dimensional frivolity and real life, and he walks that line with a gift of verisimilitude. What Mr. DiGioia does with his performance is make us feel for himself as well as being the impetus for us caring about Elizabeth. The trauma of losing a love and dying is handled with grace and comedy in the hands of Mr. DiGioia, and as heart wrenching as his performance it is one of amazing power ... the play is so well tailored it fits the company of actors performing it like a fine Italian suit.”

Time Out New York / Aaron Riccio:
“What is fascinating is the clash between the...Monarch and Ned Lowenscroft (Michael DiGioia), a feisty, quick-witted, emotional actor known for his feminine roles. Ned spars with Elizabeth, shaking up her emotions (and his own) through his liberal recitations of Shakespeare. It’s a close match, with Barton-Farcas equaling the dry, diva- like DiGioia...Ned is dying from the Pox so he acts in order to forget that he exists.”

Broadway World / Jena Tesse Fox:
Jena’s 1st Review: “As Ned, Michael DiGioia plays the character with poignant honesty.” Jena’s 2nd Review: “ The actors work together with powerful
chemistry, playing off of each other's energy with skill...Michael DiGioia occasionally struggles with balancing femininity and camp, but has managed to even out the two into a genuinely moving portrait of a tortured and anguished soul while never losing his sense of humor.”

OffOff Online - Pick of The Week / Suzanne Lynch :
“Both Barton-Farcas and DiGioia do a terrific job, subtle and animated and heartfelt, and it is the moments in the play when these two powerhouses go head-to-head that are the most interesting.”

Fab Marquee / David Stallings :
“The leading actors took their rich and layered historic roles and made the best of them...Michael DiGioia is a vision in the role of Ned Lowenscroft. From entrance to curtain, Mr. DiGioia captures the stage and the heart of everyone in the room; then never lets go. His ability to play the diva-like character with genuine realism is commendable.”

Theater Talks: New Theater Corp./ Claire Epstein :
“ Ned Lowenscroft, Michael DiGioia shines in moments of poignant soliloquy... in a captivating, redemptive scene late in the play when Lowenscroft draws the Queen into a spiritual communion with her departed lover.

OOBR (Off-Off Bway Review) / Byrne Harrison:
“DiGioia’s work is outstanding...”



– Role: Father Antonio - The Raw Space, NYC.

Awarded Best Actor (out of 75 Off-Off Broadway Productions) by Spotlight On Theatre Awards NYC:

Artzine - by Louis Lopardi :
“...Michael DiGioia warmed to that role [Father Antonio] and made it his own, especially when his passions drove him to what seemed a hysterical physical blindness to mirror that of his own soul...within a scene both reached perfection.”


- One Man Show - The Triad Cabaret, NYC:

In Theatre Magazine NYC by Michael Portantiere :

“ exceptional talent...a gifted, energetic, polished entertainer...smooth, versatile vocalism and excellent showmanship...”

Back Stage-Bistro Bits NYC by Roy Sander :
“Michael DiGioia showed himself to be a swell song-and-dance man, with an ingratiating stage presence, a good voice, and scads of pizzazz and inner energy.”

Italian Tribune News NYC by Marjorie Gunner :
“...he is a sprite, handsome figure with electric movements and a big voice...This singer/actor is a HUGE actor deserving of leading
roles in musical theatre...”


Highest rated new performer on the exclusive Seabourn Cruise Line; rated by the passengers and staff.


- Role: Marvin - The Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY:

The Ithaca Journal by Martin F. Heresniak :
“...DiGioia's voice is wide ranging, full to wispily gentle. His acting is always believable and fresh...DiGioia has such an immediately endearing warmth and appeal on the second act Marvin grows, and DiGioia adds layers to his performance...”

Press & Sun Bulletin by Gene Grey :
“...all actors, including Michael DiGioia as Marvin, give exemplary performances. Because of booming ticket sales "Falsettos" has been extended.”


- Role: Che Guevara - The Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY:

The Post-Standard/Syracuse by Suzanne M. Connelly :
“Michael DiGioia is triumphant in the role of Che. He has a magnificent voice which he uses with exquisite control. His "High Flying Adored" was particularly powerful, but only a small part of his brilliant performance...the intensity and fire provided by DiGioia...”

The Ithaca Journal by Martin F. Heresniak :
“Michael DiGioia is a fine presence. His characterization is consistent and dead-on, the voice pure and sweet, enunciation cracklingly distinct, and his off-hand approach to acting a delight. At the curtain call the audience whoops for DiGioia, and never was there a more deserved cheer. DiGioia is truly a gem!”

The Ithaca Times by Barbara Adams :
“As Che, Michael DiGioia is brilliant - strong and sweet of voice, graceful and purposeful in movement, clear and articulate in his lyrics. Traditional theatrical power exudes from him.”


– Role: Featured Performer - The Penguin Rep., Stony Point, NY:

The New York Times by Alvin Klein :
“Michael DiGioia caters to the audience and handles vocal shading and showiness with polish.”

Rockland Review by M. Hoagland :
“DiGioia demonstrates unique versatility and lots of talent as he adapts to different roles. For example, he clowns around at times, but he can also deliver a beautiful, haunting rendition of a sad song, "Where Do The Lonely Go?" ”

Theatre Reviews by Norman Garfield :
“...the singers make the evening totally entertaining. Each artist is most appealing. Those most appreciated are Mr. DiGioia's "Growing Up Is Learning To Say Good-Bye"...”

The Journal-News by Ann Quinn :
“Michael DiGioia brings vitality, talent and enthusiasm to the event. DiGioia's tenor can go sweet or saucy...”


- Role: Herbert Marx (Zeppo) – The Florida Rep. Theatre, West Palm:

Palm Beach Daily News by Chris Hunter :
“There are many fine character performances, including Herbert Marx (Zeppo), played by the good-looking and fine singing Michael DiGioia, who is an anchor of normalcy.”

"VOLPONE" by Ben Johnson

- Role: Mosca The Fly - Three Rivers Shakespeare Fest., Pittsburgh, PA:

Pittsburgh Tribune Review by Linda Baroll :
“All the actors Performed excellently...but Michael DiGioia shone brighter than the others.”

The Pittsburgh Press by Susan H. Smith :
“DiGioia's Mosca, the most demanding part, buzzes and enunciates perfectly, moves elegantly as the restless fly, and is technically skilled.”

In Pittsburgh by Michael Selz :
“Michael DiGioia as Mosca is a scheming, feline dynamo, providing for great visual comedy.”


- Role: Che Guevara - Pittsburgh Playhouse, PA:

(AWARD) Pittsburgh Magazine / The Top Five Performances Of The Year by Bruce Steele :
“Michael DiGioia a truly charismatic stage presence, both as an actor and singer.”

Daily News, McKeesport, PA by David Sallinger :
“DiGioia is an energetic Che, moves well and is able to handle the vocal demands that range from rock to falsetto to belt. He easily switches characters and accents and handles the ironies that Che rails against.”

The Pittsburgh Press by Ted Hoover :
“DiGioia slinks around the stage, illuminating the action with his great physicality and presence. He is electrifying to watch and hear...creating, rather than re-creating the part. ”

Pittsburgh Tribune by Pat Condelli :
“DiGioia portrays Che with a vengeance, so much that he has you believing he's the real person, not an actor. All of his vocal selections are memorable.”

Pittsburgh Catholic by Fr. Peter Horton :
“Because of his superb acting and vocal talents, he stands out even when overwhelmed by the crowds. DiGioia is truly superior in every aspect.”


- Role: Newsboy - Mirror Rep. Co., Off- Broadway:

The New York Times by Mel Gussow :
“...and also such newcomers as Michael DiGioia, the newsboy-tenor, brings a naturalness to Saroyan's Wonderland.”

The Village Voice by Robert Massa :
“Best of all is the music...Michael DiGioia belts out his solo with beauty! ”

Associated Press by Mary Campbell :
“Michael DiGioia as the newsboy unrolled to be a true Irish tenor.”



















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