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June 2022 –  As part of Gay Pride Month celebrations, I’m delighted to announce that the Athens, NY Cultural Center will be screening the 2016 gender-bender-anti-bullying film THIRSTY (in which I had a supporting role). For more info on the film, please scroll down to the 2016 entry on this page.

April 2022 –  In addition to my 2021 (regional) nominations, I’m overjoyed to announce my nomination for Outstanding Performer in a musical by the NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA THEATRICAL ALLIANCE (NEPTA) for my role as King Charlemagne in the musical PIPPIN at the historical Shawnee Playhouse (to view rehearsal footage please scroll down to the 2021 entry).


Dec. 2021 – Broadway World Nominations - With sincere gratitude, I announce that I’ve received two nominations from (Regional/Philadelphia): one for outstanding leading actor in a musical for my portrayal of King Arthur in CAMELOT; and another for supporting actor in a musical for my portrayal of King Charlemagne in PIPPIN.  

For rehearsal footage on both roles, see the YouTube links below:

As King Arthur in CAMELOT (Rehearsal Footage):

As King Charlemagne in PIPPIN (Rehearsal Footage):

July - August 2021 - I returned to the historical Shawnee Playhouse (PA) to play King Arthur in Lerner & Lowe's beautiful musical CAMELOT. A dream role for me. See above for my YouTube link to rehearsal footage of the show.

CAMELOT Photos by Kenneth Card:

As King Arthur with Colette Boudreaux as Guenevere

With Colette Boudreaux as Guenevere and Ryan Fogler as Lancelot

May - June 2021 - After a 16 month Covid-hiatus, some regional theaters finally reopened including the historical Shawnee Playhouse (PA) where I played King Charlemagne in the Stephen Schwartz musical PIPPIN. Here is a YouTube link to rehearsal footage:

As King Charlemagne in PIPPIN – Photo by:

January 2021 - Cheers! Here’s to a new beginning. Hope you and your loved ones have remained healthy during this horrific covid-pandemic. Stay safe and be well.


October 2020 / Virtual Benefit. - I was delighted to work with writer, producer Seth Freeman on his 2 person, 10 min., dark comedy PRESS PRAY, directed by Midge McClosky and co-starring Gillian Turner. This virtual benefit production was part of Shawnee Playhouse’s playwrighting contest S.O.P.S. Here’s the YouTube link to the performance which initially aired live on Facebook:


Seth Freeman info:

June 2020 - Like so many other events and gatherings, my 40th High School reunion was postponed until 2021. The event organizers requested I send a message and song to my classmates; hope you enjoy it:


January 2020 - Here is a photo of me and my pals on location in New Jersey filming Tom Bentey’s exciting new Web Series AMERICAN BENEFACTOR. We shot this before the pandemic hit (awaiting release):


Nov.-Dec. 2019 - For those of you who missed my performance as Kris Kringle in Mark Sarto’s children’s musical adaptation of MIRACLE ON 34 th STREET, directed by Ryan M. Cook, set out below are my performance REELS. The show was taped from the very back balcony of the historical Shawnee Playhouse (PA) so the images are blurry, but the sound is surprisingly good even though the actors are not wearing body mics. I had great fun playing Santa and, yes, I was padded…I swear!

3 min. REEL as Kringle/Santa:

6 min. REEL as Kringle/Santa:

Feb. 2019 – A film I worked on called “SHEPHERD” will be screened at the Irish Film Fest, Middletown Arts Center, NJ on Sat. Feb. 9, 2019 @ 6:45 pm: For film description, photos and trailer, scroll down to 2016.

Irish Film Festival

Here is my latest voice over combo reel, I hope to do more of this kind of work:


October 2018 - “THIRSTY” Film Screening at:NY Academy

Theatre at NYFA, 17 Battery Place, 1st Floor, NYC 10004

Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 7 p.m.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. To recognize, NYFA will be screening "Thirsty," followed by a Q&A with producer Lisa Thomas, actors Jonny Beauchamp and Michael DiGioia, Choreographer Alexandra Amirov, and editor/NYFA alum Fabrizio Famá. Bullied gender non-conforming Scott Townsend grows into revered drag queen Thirsty Burlington fighting obstacles along the way only to discover what he really wants is self-acceptance. "Thirsty" has been described as a "post-queer musical biopic." Learn more about the film on our blog. Please RSVP here by noon, October 10th, by filling out the form. All guests must provide a FIRST and LAST name and will need to provide a valid photo ID.

Sept. 2018 - “THIRSTY” Screening to Benefit:

Tickets for Fundraiser Here:

SAT. SEPT. 29, 2018 @ 1:00 PM

48 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037
Phone: 518-392-3331
Q&A after screening / for info on “THIRSTY” scroll down

Good News! The indy-film “THIRSTY” has been released on and we made it into the “top 20 LGBT titles” in the first week:

I am happy to report the next screenings of “THIRSTY” will be at the following venues:
Arts United, Frt. Lauderdale, FL (June 2018):

Burning Books, Buffalo, NY (May 2018):



I am proud to announce that the Indy-feature film “THIRSTY” is still making the rounds at film fests in the U.S. and abroad and continues to pick up awards (our lovely director Margo Pelletier sadly passed away on Nov. 27, 2016). Here is an on-set photo as well as some links to the 2017 festivals (see the 2016 entry below for a full description of the film plus more photos as well as links to the 2016 festivals & awards).


From left to right: Margo Pelletier (Director), Alexandra Sandra Amirov (Choreographer), Scott Townsend (a/k/a THIRSTY Burlington), Cole Canzano (young Scotty) and me with dyed hair as Scott’s Uncle Gene - a 70’s lounge singer.

Nov. 2017 - “Thirsty” Screening at the Portland Film Fest

Portland film festival

October 2017 – “Thirsty” Screening at Queer Film Fest Bremen, Germany

Sept. 2017 – Asbury Park’s Art House, The Showroom’s screening of “THIRSTY”:


July 2017 - “THIRSTY” to be screened at the Closing Night Ceremony of QFest (Houston, TX)


We Houston

Workers Unite
Congratulatios to the “THIRSTY” film team for picking up the award for BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at the 2017 Workers Unite Film Festival (WUFF) NYC:

Workers Unite

Thirsty Advertisement


Wicked Queer
Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Fest – “THIRSTY” Received the Audience Award!

Studio Film Theater
Transgender Film Festival Kiel, Germany: Jonny Beauchamp nabbed the Best Trans-Performance award; Songwriter Nicky Egans received Best Song for “All That I Am” and our poster design received “Best Poster”.


This has been an extraordinary year for me in relation to film festivals. I'm proud to announce that two films I participated in, "SHEPHERD" and "THIRSTY", have been official selections at various U.S. and U.K. festivals:

September - "SHEPHERD" had its East Coast premier screening at the Golden Door International Film Fest of NJ. This dramatic short was produced by Trinity Productions, written & dir. by Keith Lynch and DP David Kaptein. I play Shepherd, an ex-convict who concocts a dangerous scheme to mend a broken relationship with his daughter by enlisting the help of a wayward vagrant played by Nick Calhoun of “Boardwalk Empire”.

Golden Door Film Festival

Golden Door Film Festival

Festival link:

Below are photos of me and Courtney Renee Stallings
who plays my daughter Mara Dean in "SHEPHERD".
Film Trailer:

Shepard Shepard

(June-Oct.): A feature-length, independent film I worked on called "THIRSTY" (dir. by Margo Pelletier & written by Laura Kelber) made its rounds in the U.S. and the U.K. and picked up an “AUDIENCE AWARD” in NY!:

LONDON! 24th Raindance Film Fest:

Renaisance Fair

NEW YORK! Woodstock Film Fest:

Woodstock Woodstock2


NEW YORK! Harlem Int'l Film Fest - "THIRSTY" took home the AUDIENCE AWARD (out of 99 films from 37 countries):

Harlem Int Film Fest

Awards Page:


Provincetown Film Festival:

Provincetown Film Fest

“THIRSTY” is based on the life of Scott Townsend who survived unspeakable bullying during his childhood/school years, as well as an estranged father and alcoholic mother (played by Deirdre Lovejoy of “The Wire” & “Girls”). Scott went on to become the revered drag performer “Thirsty Burlington” (specializing in Cher impersonations). I am very proud to be part of this film and its message which emphasizes survival and self-acceptance. I play Scott’s uncle Gene, a womanizing, lounge-singer who, in the 1970’s, encouraged young Scotty to become an entertainer. See photos below (I am unrecognizable due to the hair-dye & weight loss for the role). Also, here are some links to the trailer:
or, if you prefer, here's a direct Vimeo Link:



May – I had a blast creating five different characters for a reading of a new, funny and very touching screenplay entitled “I DID NOT DIE” written by the talented Ms. Kim Dooley Kittay (well-known for her TV commercial & VO work) which featured some fierce actors such as Jessica Phillips (of “LAW & ORDER” & B-way’s “PRISCILLA”) as well as Paul Urcioli, Leo Kittay and Phoebe Jonas (all of whom have appeared in TV, Cable & film productions) – I was in great company!

Sat. March 19 – Below is a shot of me singing at The Public Theater / Joe’s Pub (NYC) in honor of Roy Niederhoffer’s 50th birthday celebration. Roy is a hedge fund manager, philanthropist, a great supporter of the arts and, by the way, can play about 14 different instruments! He is the founder and President of R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management, Inc.

Public Theater Public theater

Everything old is new again

Sun. March 13 – I was heard on the WBAI Radio’s “EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN” singing an acapella birthday message to the legendary Liza Minnelli in honor of her 70th birthday celebration, hosted by the incomparable David Kenney. If you are not a Minnelli fan then you probably won’t understand my song selection where I combined “My Best Girl” from the musical “MAME” along with the ending of Liza’s standard song “My Mammy” (with some alternate lyrics to suit the occasion). Here is the 90 second song clip with Mr. Kenney’s intro and post-comments:

WBAI Radio Clip

Feb. - Worked on my second Lombardi & Lombardi Law commercial (see 2015 below) but this time only my voice was heard:



Dec. - Here are some on-set photos from an Indy-Short “ANOTHER KIND OF HAPPINESS” (written & dir. by Matthew Bunker) where I co-starred with the fabulous Kathryn Kates (of “Orange is the New Black”, “Small Miracles” and “Seinfeld”) which should be completed sometime in 2016.

Another kind of happiness Another kind of happiness

Nov. - A feature-length, indy-film I worked on called "THIRSTY" had its Trailer/Teaser release (see 2016 above for links and Festival updates).

Oct. 27, 2015 – SAG Foundation NY Short Film Showcase selected “A NEW MAN” - a film I worked on in 2013 which won a 2nd place award for our director Hughes William Thompson at CANNES LION in 2014. The film was Co-Funded by the Kevin Spacey Foundation. Visit the FILM page on this website to view a clip.

Shepard(Aug /Sept) An independent film shot last October called “SHEPHERD” (formerly “SHEPHERDS DRIFT” – see 2014 below) is currently making rounds at film fests. I play Shepherd, an ex-convict who concocts a dangerous scheme to mend a broken relationship with his daughter by enlisting the help of a wayward vagrant played by Nick Calhoun of “Boardwalk Empire”.
Here is a link to the trailer:

We shot the following commercial for LOMBARDI & LOMBARDI LAW (Suburbanite Prod.) on the front steps of the historical Somerville, NJ Court House:


I was back working with the Stageplays Theatre Co., NYC reviving my role of Jonathan in our third reading of “FLORINDA’S TIME,” a new play by Allen Davis, III (see Feb. 2015 below for full details).

The Cafe

  Very excited to announce that “THE CAFÉ” (an indie-film we shot last fall) will be premiering this May at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner (Cannes Court Métrage). This devilishly-delicious short was written & directed by Elizabeth Phillipson-Weiner aka “PW”, and produced by Janella Lacson. “THE CAFÉ” takes place in a modern-day purgatory and I play the manager of “the café” who decide the fate of the visiting guests.

   (March) Landed some print work in the March 2nd issue of the Wall St. Journal’s Personal Finance section (cove page R1). See below...

Wall Street

  (Feb.) At Stageplays Theatre Co., NYC I participated in the second play-reading of “FLORINDA’S TIME”, a wonderful piece written by Allen Davis, III which was recently reworked in light of our first reading last September (with a possible full-production to follow) directed by Tom Ferriter. I play Jonathan, a man stuck in a love-less marriage who falls in love with his daughter’s dance-instructor Florinda, a proud woman battling the rapidly changing social-dance scene of the 1940s.




    (Nov.) Wrapped on “SHEPHERD’S DRIFT”; an exciting, indy-short, written & directed by Keith Lynch and starring Nicholas Calhoun (seen on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”). I play Shepherd - a drifter, con-man, desperately trying to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter in a not so genuine manner. Our Director of Photography David Kaptein has given this piece a rather captivating look – can’t wait to see the finished product!


    (Oct-Nov.) Wrapped on “THE CAFÉ” a devilishly-delicious short, written & directed by Elizabeth Phillipson-Weiner aka “PW”, which takes place in a modern-day purgatory (the café). I play the café manager who decide the fate of the visiting guests. Boo!


    On Nov. 6, an avant-garde, installation-art film I starred in, “THE BIG LAKE” (written & directed by Matthew Rosenbaum) was a finalist at the New Visions & Voices NYU Film Festival. This disturbing film illustrates, among other things, the deadening monotony of our “everyday” tasks which can leave one ill-at-ease, while exploring the horrors of reliving the same events – perhaps reoccurring episodes from another lifetime. Here is a link to this 8 minute, macomb film, the password is yellow:

    (Sept.) I participated in a reading of “FLORINDA’S TIME” a wonderful new play by Allen Davis, III at Stageplays Theatre Co., dir. by Tom Ferriter. I played Jonathan, a man stuck in a love-less marriage who falls in love with his daughter’s dance-instructor Florinda, a proud woman battling the rapidly changing social-dance scene of the 1940s - and declining pupils.

    (June) Wonderful news! The film “A NEW MAN” directed by Hughes William Thompson & Co-Funded by the Kevin Spacey Foundation was an official selection at Cannes Lions Fest in France, as well as the Academy-qualifying Palm Springs ShortFest in CA and the NY Shorts Fest. Our director received a 2nd Place Cannes Lions Young Director Award (YDA). View the entire 9 minute film at: or, you can view just my scene on this website.



Headshot    Wrapped on a feature-length independent film called "THIRSTY"; a bio-pic based on the life of Scott Townsend, a.k.a. Thirsty Burlington directed by Margo Pelletier (Thin Edge Films Productions/2015 release).  I portray Scott's Uncle Gene, a womanizing, entertainer/singer who, during the 70's encouraged young Scotty to perform. 

    Also wrapped on "THE BIG LAKE" an avant-garde thriller, short-film, directed by NYU Tisch's Matthew Jacob Rosenbaum (2014 release). 

    September marked the release of "A NEW MAN" (a dark comedy) directed by Hughes William Thompson of Panoptica Films and supported by The Kevin Spacey Foundation (KSF), (see FILM CLIPS page).  

    In August I played Philip in a reading of a new, exciting play "MEMORIAL" by Irving Benig and directed by Tom Ferriter for STAGEPLAYS THEATRE COMPANY.  

    In July, an Indy-film I participated in, "PARTISAN", directed by Jake Holm (Holmmade Films/Utopia Films) received five awards at the LOS ANGELES CINEMA FESTIVAL OF HOLLYWOOD: Best Short Narrative, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Lead Actress. 

    In November PARTISAN had it's NYC premier at the BROWNFISH FILM FESTIVAL. I play an unsavory Polish farmer turned Nazi sympathizer in Nazi-occupied Poland 1941-43 (See FILM CLIPS page).



Felix    In December I participated in a play adaptation of Edith Wharton’s little known novella the “BUNNER SISTERS” adapted and directed by Linda Selman, presented by the National Arts Club’s Theatre Arts Roundtable, NYC. In this unique piece I portray all four of the male roles. This is a remount of Ms. Selman’s 2006 production in which I also participated.

     In November I appeared at the Lucy Lockett Cabe Theatre, Wildwood Park For The Arts, Little Rock, Arkansas as "Reginald" in Richard G. Pellegrino's new play "MARGINALIA" directed by Roger Hendricks Simon. Last May I was seen on WINDY CITY LIVE's Mother's Day Special (ABC 7 Chicago) singing "Mama A Rainbow" (visit the FILM CLIPS page to view clip).

    In March I completed an independent film entitled "PARTISAN" directed by Jake Holm of Utopia Films, where I play Felek Trulsky, an unsavory Polish farmer/Nazi conspirator in war torn Poland 1941-43 (release date TBA).



    I was privileged to work with Broadway veteran playwright Murray Schisgal on two staged readings of his new play "WALL STREET FANDANGO" directed by Stephan Morrow which was seen both at The Actor's Studio and the Theater For The New City, NYC . Later in the year I took time off to travel and visit family.


Broadway Jubilee  Marks the completion of three eclectic indy films and roles (release dates 2012-2014): (1) "JIHAD" dir. by Solon Quinn, of Solon Quinn Studios / 7053 Prods., I play a psychotic police officer; (2) "FINDING HOME" dir. by Savanna Washington, AardvarkAlley Prods., I portray a man battling premature alzheimers; and (3) "JOSIE & JOHN" dir. by Joe Skinner, a NYU Tisch Film Grad, I play John, who is going through a mid-life crises.

    In April I sang at a benefit concert for Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries/Metro Baptist Church entitled "FROM BROADWAY WITH LOVE" to raise funds for underprivileged children's after-school programs and other community services, dir. by Kathleen Conry & musical direction by Brett Kristofferson and sang at several NYC open mic. cabarets/clubs such as Birdland's Cast Party hosted by Jim Caruso, Dopo Teatro Cabaret hosted by Ken Lundie and Dale Badway, and La Mediterranée French Bistro with William Zeffiro at the piano in preparation for "BROADWAY JUBILEE" (a tribute to the Golden Age of Broadway) where I teamed up with singer Martina Vidmar and musical dir. Woody Regan performing at Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences, NJ and Temple Israel in So. Merrick, NY. More performances to follow. I was also fortunate to record a few songs for a demo CD of a new musical entitled “WHAT A TIME FOR LOVE”, composed by an exciting, young, award-winning songwriter, Samuel Kalcheim.



  In March I was seen in "Slip Away" at the Kent Film Festival, CT, dir. by Michael McCormick. In April/May I participated in a workshop of "The Artifacts", a play by Steven Fechter. On Aug. 9 a selection from my CD was heard on David Kenney's WBAI radio show "Everything Old is New Again". Also in August I was seen in "The August 9th Project/The Atom Bomb" a piece dir. & compiled by Elizabeth Mozer, based on testimonies of Hiroshima/Nagasaki survivors (a benefit for NJ Peace Action). Currently I have a local commercial running in Syracuse, NY for CBA (see FILM CLIPS page), and in the Fall I commenced work on a feature-length film entitled "FINDING HOME" dir. by Savanna Washington, AardvarkAlley Prods. (2010 release).


HeadshotThe Canadian play "Elizabeth Rex" by Timothy Findley marked it's NYC premiere at the Nicu's Spoon Theater in April and in light of favorable reviews moved to Off-Broadway's Center Stage Theater in the Fall. Elizabeth Rex

For my portrayal of Ned Lowenscroft in "Elizabeth Rex" I received an outstanding actor nomination by the NY Innovative Theatre Awards (see REVIEWS page). 2008 also marked the release of 3 indy short films I participated in "Out of Service", "Mother's Milk" and "Me & You" which made the rounds at film fests throughout the U.S. & abroad (see FILM CLIPS page).



  I traveled to Utah’s Sundance Film Fest where I was seen in the short “The Dawn Chorus”, and debuted two new plays in NYC: Linda Selman’s “The Bunner Sisters” (based on E.Wharton’s novella) and Deirdre MacNamara’s “Accent-Chu-Ate the Positive”. My debut CD “Another Look” was released in Sept., and selections were heard on WMNR Fine Arts Radio CT/NY. CD info at: (see CD Audio Page).

A heartfelt THANK YOU to those who have shown their support, I am truly grateful & blessed!


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